1...2...3... Jump!

We've got some big news.

Kind Drive Photo is a two person team. Jason and Angie! As of this month it will officially be Mr. and Mrs. Angus!  We couldn't be more excited to share our vision for our family and our photography as each becomes more clear every day. 

In this video we discuss giving up the corporate life to follow our dreams for photography and travel!

And now a special announcement: 


Note from Angie!

At the time we made the video, we were trying so hard to be serious and get it right that we forgot to mention why this event is so important in our lives! Yes, we did say that I quit to “fulfill our dreams, damn it!” But we never stated the magnitude of this step. I had worked for a big corporation for 7 years and was making great money. Quitting this job meant that Jason and I would have to give up the home that we have created together for the last year to stay with family. For months I struggled with making a big decision that could potentially destroy our comfortable lives and accumulate financial debt.

This past week, Jason looked at me and reassured me that I have to do what makes me happy and to become the ‘me’ I want to create and continue being [Jason: “I think you already are who you want to be, but you just didn’t have the energy or time to pursue”]. Then I called my mom afterwards and when I heard her speak the following words, it made my decision all the more clear.

“Angie, you have dreams, what are you waiting for?”

She was right!

Many of us struggle with the idea that we cannot create who we want to be because it will hurt the people around us, or maybe we will be in debt, or maybe we will lose everything. Fear is the only thing that holds us back. Yet the most beautiful and meaningful moments in life happen when you are true to yourself. For years, I allowed my fear to hold me back. Now, I have let go of believing that I must have money and things to fill our apartment. I believe that I need to follow my dreams, so I can truly love and share my life with the people I love, even though it’s not the way big companies and society say I’m supposed to.

Stay true to yourself. Don’t let society dictate who you are. Work on creating who you want to be. Discover yourself, and make decisions based on that.

End of note.