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Welcome to the Internet home of Jason and Angie Angus.

As photographers covering a variety of personal and professional projects, we are always returning to our darkroom with excitement to see the results.

We deliver many wonderful photos to families, individuals, professionals, and businesses we work with. If we can produce even a single image for our client to frame in their living space for years to come, then we have accomplished something great. We are thrilled when our subjects are captured as they really are, natural and unique. That is when their inner beauty comes to light.  We can only hope that our craft surpasses the ordinary and rises to the level of timeless fine art. This is our mission. 

We cover a variety of projects because we are artists, and in today's world, everyone is cross trained for a multitude of skills. What good is a one trick pony? Doing the same thing over and over again works for some, while we naturally enjoy new experiences and enriched environments.  Portraiture, head shots, photo journalism, event photography... Proficiency in each lends itself in support of the other. 

We are affordable and negotiable.

We go the distance. The world is an amazing place and we want to see it. What better way to make new friends and discover new places?

We shoot digital and film.

Email us at or with any questions, pricing, or booking inquiries.

Thank you for visiting Kind Drive Photo. Hope to see you soon!

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